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Our business and legal forms were drafted by attorneys to help protect business owners in their day-to-day operations. Traditional documents are not enough in today’s high tech environment to protect business owners operating on the Internet. We also offer a complete line of website and blog protection documents to help online operators comply with the new tougher privacy and disclosure laws.

We are a current member of the Better Business Bureau and have an A+ rating. We strongly believe in the philosophy of providing great customer service with strict privacy guidelines concerning the information provided to us.

Are You Searching For The Following Business or Legal Documents?


Define clear written policies for employees.

Business Protection Documents

Protect against business lawsuits and fines.


Specify employee responsibilities.

Noncompete Agreements

Protect your customers with a noncompete.

Nonsolicitation Agreements

Prevent employess from outside solicitation.

Confidentiality Agreements

Keep your business operations private.

Independent Contractor

Hire contracts & protect against problems.

Letter of intent Agreement

For purchasing entire business or assets.


Protect yourself and limit your liability.

Contracts to Buy or Sell a Business

Sell entire business or just the assets.

Business Financial Statements

Prepare your business financial statements.

Personal Financial Statements

Prepare your personal financial statements.

Partnership Agreements

Easily form your own business partnership.

Promissory Note Forms

Make sure you get paid and paid on time.

Construction Contracts

Lay out specifics for work that is being done.

Filling Out Our Forms and Contracts

No need to worry about giving out your personal information online. With our forms you do not have to fill out your business or legal forms online. You can download and fill them out in the privacy of your own home or office.

You only need to purchase our forms one time. They are yours to use whenever needed, for as long as you like. We offer you free technical support 7 days per week should you have any problems accessing the forms you ordered.

We cannot offer legal advice; if you have legal or business questions, or need advice of any kind, we strongly suggest you consult with an Attorney, CPA, or other business professional in your own state to assist you with your forms.