Free Construction Contract and Contractor's Agreement

Download and use our Free construction contract and contractor's agreement today. These attorney-drafted contracts are designed for small to medium size jobs.

Our construction contracts are drafted by licensed attorneys, flexible easy-to-use, and accessible immediately after ordering.

The free contractor's agreement is best used for repairs, remodeling, renovations, and small additions. This agreement may also be used as a home improvement contract and for light to moderate commercial repairs.

The free construction contract is best used for building free-standing structures such as homes, garages, storage units, and other small- to medium-size jobs.

These professional agreements lay out the specifics for when work is being done by a contractor or construction company for another party. Each contract is eight pages in length and can be easily edited with almost any computer.

Some of the topics covered in our attorney-drafted include:

  • Materials, tools, and equipment
  • Plans and preparation
  • Structure and site
  • Payment
  • Utilities
  • Responsibility
  • Insurance
  • Permits
  • Taxes
  • Delays in completion of work
  • Enforcement of agreement
  • Changes and deviations
  • Cleaning up
  • Possession
  • And more.

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