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Our guardianship forms were drafted by a licensed attorney for parents who need to authorize another adult to have temporary custody over their minor child.

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Drafted by Licensed Attorneys

Our guardianship forms were drafted by a licensed attorney, are HIPAA compliant, and are exclusive to our company.

A temporary guardianship form (the correct name is Appointment of Short-Term Guardianship) can be used to authorize an informal guardianship that does not require court approval. Our forms are designed to appoint a short-term guardian without having to go through a court procedure. Your signature will need to be witnessed and notarized, which can be easily done at your local bank.

A short-term guardianship, healthcare power of attorney, and caregiver's authorization affidavit are documents that give another adult temporary guardianship over a minor child for a specific length of time decided by the parents. In most states, any person under the age of 18 is considered a minor.

Whether a child is being registered for school, being cared for by a relative while you are away, or staying with someone because of an emergency, it's always a good idea to have a short-term guardianship form giving another competent adult the permission to care for your minor child.

Important Note about School Enrollment

If the short-term guardian is registering and enrolling the child for school, it is important that your document has the correct legal language that is usually required by the school. Without a caregiver's affidavit, health care power of attorney, and a medical information disclosure incorporated with your guardianship form; the school is likely to refuse your paperwork.

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"I would like to let you know how very satisfied I was as a customer using this site. I needed to show proof that I had temporary guardianship of my niece so she could go to school. The school was giving me the run around about getting a document like yours. I was even directed to go to the local court house and get an attorney which I had no time for.

I was browsing different sites and found EXACTLY what I needed from your document site. I was able to purchase the form, fill it out, and get it notarized quickly. My niece was able to start school immediately!"

Thanks again!  Naisha T.

Some of the important provisions our guardianship forms contain:

  • Qualifies as a caregiver's authorization affidavit under applicable law.

  • Gives the short-term guardian a health care power of attorney and the right to approve or decline medical treatment in case the minor child is confronted with an illness or injury while the parent is away. Also allows the short-term guardian to complete and process all necessary insurance claims and documents.

  • Allows the short-term guardian to make all decisions, sign all documents and grant permission about the child's education, including school enrollment, school activities, school trips and school conferences.

  • Grants the short-term guardian the authority to resolve all matters, and complete any documents with regards to the custody and care of the child.

  • Includes a special travel clause to give permission for the child or children to travel with the short-term guardian. If needed, you have the choice to set restrictions on travel.

  • Complies with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

  • Designates a specific length of time for the guardianship.

  • Includes a separate revocation form for ending the temporary custody of your child.

Medical Information Form

In most situations, you will need to provide a hospital, doctor, dentist or other health professional with comprehensive medical information before any minor can be treated. A medical information form and healthcare power of attorney is included with our guardianship forms. The medical information form allows the parent to detail any medical conditions the child has, list any medications the child is taking, and provide insurance and parents contact information.

Caution Using Other Forms:

It is strongly suggested you do not use a form with the title of


These forms also contain temporary guardian language in the document. Although these forms are offered on the Internet, they are not drafted properly and are likely to be refused. The term temporary guardianship is only used, recognized, and issued by the courts and cannot be issued by parents.

The correct title for the guardian form should be:


About Our Guardianship Documents

We use licensed attorneys to draft our documents, which contain the necessary language and information so they are less likely to be refused.

These easy-to-use forms come in a standard Word format so they can be filled out on almost any computer. You can also fill them out by hand.

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We offer a 100% money-back guarantee if these forms are not accepted by any educational, business, or health care facility, in any state, for any reason.

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